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Dating difficulties

Daisy Lowe might spend her weekends waltzing around the Strictly dancefloor wearing sequins, but she went for an altogether more low-key look when she appeared on Lorraine this morning.She looked very chic in a black dress by The Kooples, which featured a cutesy contrast lace collar and a velvet bow.Many people feel that meaningful friendships and relationships are the biggest things missing from their lives.There’s a number of ways we can support you in making friends: Staying in touch We can help you stay in touch with friends and family if you’ve moved to a new area or if a day service has closed in your area.Tomi is joined by Jennifer Styers, Dallas’ number one matchmaker and relationship expert according to, to discuss how difficult it is to meet someone in Dallas when you’re successful young woman. Jennifer discloses how recently did a study with singles in America and the number one thing men in Dallas were looking for was a female entrepreneur.Tomi discusses her difficulties in searching for a relationship while in Dallas but wonders if it the city of Dallas might not be the problem. Tomi notes that it’s not necessarily finding someone who’s interested in powerful women but finding men who can handle it. It’s until they get into the relationship and then there’s a power struggle because there can’t be two chiefs,” Styler says.

Playfully titled ‘All the Single Muslims’ (you have Beyonce in your head now, don’t you), the first of three instalments about life for Birmingham-based Muslims is all about the perils of dating.

These 21 twins explain the dating difficulties they have to endure.

It can be difficult to make new friends and get out and about if you have a learning disability.

And she should know: Men are "kind of a hobby of mine," she admits, adding that "the men don't know it." And here I thought the secret to a long life was swearing off men.

Betty, please call me anytime to talk boys over a vodka on the rocks with lemon.

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When teamed with opaque tights and ballet pumps, it's very Wednesday Addams... Click the link (right) to buy her exact dress at Selfridges, where it's now reduced in the sale.