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this may seem basic but i’ve talked to plenty of couples who are very comfortable using the bathroom in front of each other (we were too…well only ‘yellow because it’s mellow.’) i get it, it’s convenient, especially if you only have 1 bathroom in your home like we do.

So much of our lives the prior seven months revolved around caring for Junie, we barely had time for ourselves let alone each other.

these are things we have implemented over the past 3 months after we decided we needed to start ‘dating’ again.

our extreme comfort levels were not helping us feel sexy/passionate towards each other and we were starting to feel more like roommates and less like husband and wife.

Truth be told, at the end of 2016, we both felt completely drained.

So much so that our former lives pre-baby felt like they must have belonged to some other Mark and Lauren. And just when we’d figure out what was working, Junie started teething or her sleep schedule changed, and we found ourselves back at square one.

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rather than tell you more 7 more embarrassing/oversharing moments between me and my husband, i’d rather share 7 ways to start dating your spouse again.