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There would be a brief hello, or “Hey– how’s it going? But deep down, I was still feeling curious even though it had been a long time since the…. I still couldn’t help but hang on as to why our friendship had ended or what she thought about me.Honestly it kind of stuck with me, though I sometimes where we came face to face, and she told me she was moving away. Then I oddly blurted out that “we should grab dinner sometime and catch up before you leave!A test for α-Fetoprotein concentration may help to confirm whether the disease is due to cancer, and a coagulation profile will be ordered to test whether your dog's blood is clotting properly.X-rays to visualize the abdomen and liver will be taken to localize the carcinoma.

But I always felt like “something” was missing from the relationship.

” We nodded, said some goodbyes, and I thought, “OK– we’re done.

*whew* I don’t have to see her anymore” and my causal request would have been ignored, like most of ours are,…right? *wink*) But later that morning, I received an email from her confirming the invitation, *oh brother* but – I agreed.

Hepatitis, a medical condition used to describe long-term, ongoing inflammation of the liver, is associated with an accumulation of inflammatory cells in the liver and progressive scarring or formation of excessive fibrous tissue in the liver (fibrosis).

These biological changes can lead to decreased functioning of the liver.

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