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But what the coffee really offers is a sense of luxurious rarity. Makers often claim that their civets are coffee connoisseurs that roam the jungle in search of the highest-quality coffee berries. That ugly reality led Tony Wild, an author and former coffee trader who once promoted the drink, to start campaigning against it.

He began publicly denouncing the “cruel, fraudulent” trade in 2013 after he discovered that “cruel battery farms, especially in Indonesia, were pouring out tons of it a year” — even as the industry “was still pedaling the myth that kopi luwak was incredibly rare.”Groups such as World Animal Protection say that there is a humane version: “Wild-sourced, ‘cage-free’ civet coffee.” But ethical kopi luwak is difficult to find — and even more expensive than the farmed stuff.

Located on the property of a cooperating landowner, It streams a continuous video feed of life in an eagles’ nest near Humboldt Bay.

Installed in December, the Eagle Cam has become a sensation since the female laid eggs and two little eaglets hatched last week.

Hoover Eye Editor HUMBOLDT BAY – For weeks, Humboldt residents have gazed in helpless fascination at a riveting online reality show.

The real-time video feed features a middle-aged couple making a family home – tending to their residence, preparing and eating food and raising two children.

Not only do the babies eat their moms’ feces, moms eat their babies’, too! And just yesterday, the Taipei Zoo said that Yuanzai can now poop on her own. Although panda poop is kind of gross, but it might help solve the energy crisis!

But, as it happens, Odenkirk is also a comedy cleric of the highest order.

He's been writing sketches for more than 25 years now, and without him a certain strain of modern humor—a kind of sketch comedy that's rigorously silly, intelligently designed, and more than a little self-aware—likely wouldn't exist, largely due to one show.

Civet traps, she says, amount to a “bamboo stick with pineapple at the top — civets love pineapple — and when they climb the sticks, a snare catches them around the waist.” The animals are also snared by more vicious traps: metal “walls of death,” she says, that clamp onto their feet, sometimes severing their legs. Civets unlucky enough to fall into hunters’ hands are shoved into tiny cages where, “similar to foie gras geese,” Gauntlett says, “they’re basically force-fed coffee berries.”The process amounts to torture by caffeine. Any adult human munching through kilos of coffee beans would fly into a sickening frenzy; the effect on a seven-pound mammal is even more severe.

Buzzed into delirium, as animal welfare campaigners have documented, the creatures pace in tight circles, gnawing at the bars of the cage and their own limbs. Each day, the animals’ feces is scraped from their cages.

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You didn't just want to quote the best bits; you wanted to immediately pop in a DVD (or perhaps a VHS tape) and show them to your friends, partly so they could share in the fun and partly because you knew that if they didn't laugh, you probably shouldn't be friends with them in the first place.