Dating advise colums

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Dating advise colums

Dan Savage is a sports writer and the assistant director of digital content for Orlando, and he will be answering your questions this week.

Dan has covered six NBA finals and 10 NBA All-Star Games; he's appeared on CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, and ; and his writing has been published at,,, and Orlando

This is Dan's first time giving sex-and-relationship advice.

"Other sports writers often tell me they enjoyed reading my latest column," Dan Savage told me in an e-mail, "but when they show me the article, it's one of your sex-advice columns.

So, my boyfriend tried to commit suicide long before we got together.

We started the relationship on that foot, and for a while I was the partner he spent the most time with.

K has told me he doesn't want to be solely responsible for my sexual satisfaction and my need for constant reassurances that he cares.

The anxiety has been flaring up most strongly concerning sex—we're all switches, and K and L are both professional Dominants.

This is my first serious relationship, but not his (I'm 22, he's 35).

And while K has been super patient with me, my worry and grasping is a point of friction in the relationship.

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