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President of the Noarlunga City Obedience Dog Club, Brian Fielder, told 891 ABC Adelaide's afternoon host Sonya Feldhoff that he supported the concept."It's not a bad idea," Mr Fielder said."We have a couple of sections of beach where we can let our dogs run free at any time, so sacrificing a small area for people to be able to go down there with no dogs is a nice balance."The council's proposed area takes in the beach under the Port Noarlunga jetty, finishing at the bluff near Anderson Avenue.Mr Fielder said the dog exclusion zone was a good idea for the area, as it would provide a safe area for parents with young children to visit the beach without fear of animal interaction."We've got a beach nearby where we can take our dogs and let them run free, but even some of the people who go down there and their dogs aren't as well behaved as you'd like," he said.This is a nice and easy hack from Aussie Producer Klaus Hill.Its an IKEA shelf and 4 of their metal legs and you have a monitor shelf for your desk.But both watchdogs upheld the station's right to produce challenging shows, with the ITC demanding only an on-screen apology for its failure to give a clearer advance indication of Brass Eye's content.Mr Morris said yesterday that he had no particular desire to "chuck any more dirty oil on to the already ridiculous inferno that still surrounds this issue".The suggestion of a trial of a dog-free beach at Port Noarlunga by the Onkaparinga City Council is being met with polarised responses.

If you’re not meant to hike, sweat and get dirty in your field uniform, then what’s with all the pockets for storing stuff?

When National won the 1990 election, Banks entered Cabinet, becoming Minister of Police, Minister of Tourism, and Minister of Sport.

Channel 4 is to screen a further repeat of the controversial Brass Eye spoof documentary on paedophilia.

Barely a month after apparently ignoring hundreds of viewers' complaints by broadcasting the maverick satirist Chris Morris's programme two nights running, station chiefs are planning to show it again.

Meanwhile, Talkback, the independent company which produced the show, is considering releasing it on video.

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The Brass Eye debate was re-ignited by last week's decision by television regulators to give the channel only mild reprimands.

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