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In turn, this suggests that a successful platform in the future will need to focus not on pairing consumers with advisors, but on helping consumers find an advisor who can answer their particular question – which forces advisors to actually choose a niche specialization by which they can For most of history, the traditional business model has been some form of pipeline business – one where the consumer buys a product or service that is delivered by the business in a series of linear steps from one end of the pipeline to the other.

Irregularities in the 210Pb activity versus depth profile, indicated variation in the net sedimentation accumulation rate during the past 96 and 182 years at the Volta and Pra estuaries, respectively.

If you’ve been cold approaching and generating lots of leads but losing girls on the dates then I’d suggest you try out this fast version of the dating model to push your comfort zones.

95% of men on dates sink in the quick sand of comfort and rapport, forgetting they have to take control, spike it up sexually and pull the trigger.

In point of fact, though, the financial services industry is already filled with platform businesses.

Arguably, stock market exchanges are one of the oldest and original types of platforms to connect buyers and sellers.

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